International Quranic Competition

International Quranic Competition
With the Honorable
and Righteous Assembly

With the Honorable and Righteous Assembly

With the Honorable and Righteous Assembly, under the supervision of Mr. Sheikh Abdelilah El Amrani, Director of the Islamic Institute Dar El Huda in Amsterdam, the Dar El Huda Islamic Institute in Amsterdam is organizing the fourth edition of the International Competition for Reciting and Mastering the Quran for the year 1445-2024 via the internet (online). It is a global competition held with the contribution of benefactors, in which participants from around the world take part by registering their data, then uploading video clips of their recitation according to the announced conditions, for specialized judges to evaluate the recitation and performance according to the set criteria.

Competition Objectives

- Encouraging the recitation and mastery of the Quran - Highlighting the efforts of the Dar El Huda Islamic Institute in caring for the Quran, in recitation, memorization, and mastery
- Enhancing the institute's efforts in the field of education and teaching

Laws and Conditions

Competition Criteria and Participation

Competition Criteria

  • The competition is open to both genders (males and females)
  • The age of the participant must be 18 years or older
  • Previous qualification for the final stage in the previous edition is not allowed
  • Adherence to the etiquettes of recitation and rules of Tajweed
  • Respect for Islamic norms by the participant during the recording of the participation clip
  • Recitation according to the recitations of Warsh or Hafs

Participation Process

  • Fill out the electronic form and submit it during the period from 15 Sha’ban to 01 Ramadan 1445
  • The clip must include the full name, age, and country of the participant before the recitation
  • Record a horizontal visual recitation (video) with suitable quality, free from noise and sound effects. Then, after recording, the candidate sends a recitation clip (audio and video) not exceeding 3 minutes with the form
  • Send the recitation to WhatsApp number 0031648213409

Stages and Phases

Preliminary Eliminations:
01 - 15 Ramadan 1445

• The candidate records a recitation clip (audio and video) with a duration between 1 minute and 2 minutes, and sends it via WhatsApp to the number (0031648213409)
• The clip must include the full name, age, and country of the participant before the recitation
• The clip should be recorded in a cinematic presentation with clear audio and video and a suitable background
• Send the clip via WhatsApp before the beginning of Ramadan 1445
• The committee approves the participation and informs the candidate of qualification for the next stage

Semi-Final Stage:
20-25 Ramadan 1445

• Announcement of the qualifiers for the semi-final stage through the official social media pages of the institute (YouTube/Facebook
Instagram/Telegram channel)
• Qualified submissions will be published on social media for viewers to vote and like
• Announcement of qualifiers for the final stage

Final Stage:
27 Ramadan 1445

• Qualifiers send new recitation clips with the same aforementioned conditions
• Evaluation by the judging committee of the new clips and announcement of the candidates for the closing ceremony
• Announcement of the date of participation of the qualifiers in the live closing ceremony • Announcement of the winners of the competition on social media

Closing Ceremony and Conclusion of the Competition, 03 chawwal 1445, God willing